José_Rodrigues Lv.99

Class: Translator
Subclass: GamelocSome call them sorcerers, some call them wizards. The truth is, they are mere masters of words and spoken languages.
The Gamelocs are game localization specialists, as the name suggests. They are often creatures of the night whose sole purpose is to allow for the art of videogames to reach one and every being in the entire world. They do not care about status nor social class. Whoever you are, they'll just be happy to help you enjoy your favorite games.

Perks: Rapidtyper, Rapidreply
Guild: Warlocs

Character Info

What's up gamers? I'm José Pedro, a Portuguese freelance translator who's been slaying the translation game since 2020. Born and raised at home in '99, I'm still rocking it in my "dark cave" - no one's been able to drag me out yet.

Okay, okay, I did have to leave for three years to study at the University of Minho, but now I'm back and my home is my workplace - at least for now. And just because I'm a professional doesn't mean I can't have a good laugh while slaying these translations.

My degree and experience have given me mad skills in CAT tools, Linguistics, Translation, and Localization. And as die-hard gamer since I was six, you know I'm gonna bring that gaming passion to every game localization project I take on.

People always say you can't have fun while working, but I gotta disagree. When you love what you do, work feels like play. And trust me, I'm all about that joy and fun when I'm slaying these translations.

Main Quests

Freelance translator [2020 - Present]
GAMES: AAA, Indie & Mobile titles (Lore, UI; Dialogues; Guides; Legal).
SOFTWARE: UI; Marketing; Legal.
MARKETING: Game related.

Localization Tester (Electronic Arts) [May - August 2023]
Translating, editing and proofreading.
In-game localization testing.
Bug reporting and regression (Jira, Jaas).

Game Tester (Lionbridge Technologies) [June - August 2020]
Testing video games for bugs and other issues.
Playing through games, ensuring correct functioning, and reporting any problems encountered to the development team.

Side Quests

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Languages, University of Minho [2017 - 2021]
Multilingual communication and writing.
General, technical and specialized translation.
Localization and subtitling.
Interpretation of a wide range of texts.

NELAUM (University of Minho)
President of the Communication Department [2019 - 2020]
Vice President of the Communication Department [2018 - 2019]



Passive Abilities

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